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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Mission
As an enterprise with grand ambition and dream, OUPAI has been always taking social responsibility as its own duty from the very beginning. While creating value for our society, partners and employees, we take an active part in all kinds of social benefit works, advocate and carry forward the concept of “enterprise citizenship” and try our best to put it into effect.

Today, OUPAI considers commercial morality, environment protection, social benefit and employee right and benefit as the key point in fulfilling social responsibility. We have deeply realized that enterprise survival and development is closely linked with business partners, harmonious society, social benefit and employees. Only by taking 100% responsibility and integrity for the society, staff and partners can we finally realize our grand ambition and dream.

Driven by this concept, OUPAI has issued initial written proposal for protecting forest and gathered a core team, dealers, suppliers and cooperative partners with the same value. We have built a harmonious enterprise ecosystem. Today’s OUPAI is always devoted to creating happy place for families and expected to become the best-in-class wood door manufacturer and the first wood door brand in China.

A Long Way to Go
For social responsibility and contribution, OUPAI has a long way to go. From the advocacy of “protect forest and create green home” and the issue of “initial written proposal for protecting forest” to the utilization of E1 level environment friendly materials and strict environment protection standard control, OUPAI always takes establishment of green industrial chain and development of recycling economy as our core value and construct relations with several international environmental protection organizations. We are providing eco-friendly products and services and creating green health living environment for 350 million Chinese families and more families in the world through practical actions.

Professional and Focused Attitude Creates Excellence
From raw material selection to production through to delivery of finished product, a wood door will experience numerous processes. It is not that simple and easy you can imagine. OUPAI, however, has focused on wood doors for 10 years and perfectly interpreted our concentrated spirit on interior wood door manufacture. Our mission is to make high quality wood door with an affordable price. From the first five-year plan to the second five-year plan of China, OUPAI has become the first enterprise with shareholding reform in wood door industry.

A Core Team with Common Values
Currently, the number of OUPAI regular employees has reached more than 2000, solving the problem of employment in China to some extent. Our commitment is that even under the circumstances of economic crisis and gloom of building material industry, OUPAI still persists in the principle and policy of “no salary reduction, no shed”.

Thanks to such considerate care to employees and big courage to undertake social responsibility, we have gathered a core team with common values. In addition, well public praise and trust accumulated in these years have helped OUPAI won numerous customers. For OUPAI, honesty is a moral principle.