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Service Center

Taking advantages of all kinds of our resources including wood door R&D department, manufacture department, logistics distribution system, construction team, etc., OUPAI establishes an entire process service pattern for customer benefit. For each customer, OUPAI marketing center will build a professional service team which is ideally suitable for the customer. This team will enforce one-stop solution for the customer covering the entire process such as communication with customer, proposal design, raw material purchase, quality control, product inspection, delivery, interior door installation, after-sales service, etc.

One-stop System Solution Provider
For the customer, OUPAI will provide one-stop systematic solution from planning and design in earlier stage to material purchase, production, logistics distribution, construction, through to after-sales services. In this case, our customer can enjoy the most considerate services.

A Typical Example of Excellent Project Management
Oriented toward excellent project, OUPAI is devoted to customer satisfaction and aims at creating satisfactory services. We have built a comprehensive set of project management system for our customer.

1. Pre-sales Service
For each customer and each project, OUPAI will do sufficient preparation in advance, completing excellent budget of man, machine, material, method and environment.

2. In-sales Service
For the first sealed sample, OUPAI will determine standard, examine and feed back result and assign specialized people to manage warehouse.

3. After-sales Service
OUPAI pays more attention on customer callback and track dissatisfactory points, thus improving comprehensive competitiveness.

Customer Satisfaction Oriented Management Mode
OUPAI has been always taking customer satisfaction as the core of our management. From business communication to proposal design, order execution, material purchase, production, delivery, installation, through to after-sales, we have form a complete close-loop service and management process.