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Wood Door Application in Real Estate Industry

As a necessity, door has become an indispensable part of all kinds of buildings and home decoration. Along with the continuous improvement of housing industrialization and industrial technology of wood door, each building in real estate industry has an increasing demand for wood doors. For various timber doors, what real estate enterprises concern the most are production cycle, delivery cycle, manufacture cost, quality, product process, product size, style, decoration time, etc.

OUPAI wood doors are that the real estate enterprise can trust. Owing to international leading fully automatic wood door production line, modernized workshop lean management and top manufacture equipment imported from German HOMAG and other world famous suppliers, the production efficiency and daily capacity of OUPAI wood doors can be considerably improved, delivery cycle can be effectively reduced and production cost can also be lowered.

Every customer can enjoy “quick order, quick delivery”, thus completely solving inherent disadvantages of traditional wood doors that “long delivery cycle, high cost and low quality”. In addition, for different housing types, OUPAI can offer custom-made services. Through different styles, various price levels, wide range of wood door types, diversified functions, we can offer bigger and wider options to all kinds of customers and meet their demands effectively.

Currently, OUPAI has established long term strategic partnerships with many well known real estate enterprises in China, including Evergrande Real Estate Group, Vanke Real Estate, Wanda Group, Country Garden, Greentown Real Estate Group, Harmony Real Estate, Shanghai Real Estate, etc. Our common aim is to develop home furnishing industry.