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R&D Strength

Since our foundation, OUPAI has always been focusing greatly on research and development of wood doors. Every year, we would invest a large amount of money to product design, core technology introduction and development as well as technology innovation. Currently, a part of our technology and various technical indexes have exceeded the level of Japan and Korea. Relying on excellent R&D capability, OUPAI can offer one-stop solutions to all kinds of project customers.

In 2010, on the basis of original technical center, OUPAI invested tens of millions of RMB to construct a new R&D base covering 6000 square meters at YUTOU production base, including 1000 sq.m. R&D area with complete functions such as office area, P&C lab, file room, ± sound training room, etc. and the first technical sample workshop in China which covers 3000 square meters.

In addition, OUPAI boasts a world-leading wood door R&D center and the first wood door museum in China that is under construction. We own hundreds of research and development persons and, for a long time, have been employing well renowned experts, professors and top designers in the industry. We have established the only one industry-university-research base of wood door in China and build talent introduction system with universities such as China Academy of Art.

Aside from this, OUPAI has established a unique laboratory for testing product physical and chemical properties and quality control center, implementing strict and professional management to product quality control.