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Quality Control

OUPAI, the specialist manufacturer of wood door in the world, leads its counterparts in the industry from all aspects. For example, we boast best-in-class manufacturing equipment and R&D technology, and have won great recognition among users of more than 60 countries in the world and are trusted by Chinese families. There is no doubt that such achievements owes highly to our strict quality control.

From raw materials to finished products, specifically from timber selection to manufacturing, lean management, quality control and test, through to order management, OUPAI has been well known by its professional and strict spirit. This is our deep-rooted quality spirit.

Raw Material Selection
In raw material selection, OUPAI is always rigorous. From forest and geographical environment investigation to timber selection and machining, we carry out extremely strict standard.

In order to implement lean theory in machining process, OUPAI has introduced world’s top manufacturing equipment, ensuring high precision and efficient machining.

Production Management
OUPAI has brought in fully automatic CNC production line and modern production management concept, greatly reducing machining and delivery cycle.

OUPAI executes strict test to our internal doors by more than 57 processes, effectively ensuring product quality.

Order Management
Scientific and complete supply chain management as well as resources integration of world first class suppliers are what OUPAI does to realize user-oriented informatization.

So, the manufacturing process of OUPAI wooden doors is just like a quality textbook of wooden door manufacture.