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Quality Control Links

OUPAI has created a thorough quality control system from raw materials purchase to finished products delivery. This involves three quality control links, namely incoming quality control, process quality control and final quality control. Through strict quality control links, we can make sure that the quality of our products before delivery can be precisely controlled, thus effectively meeting customers’ high requirements for quality.

Incoming Quality Control (IQC)
According to actual material supply condition, OUPAI quality assurance department will implement nonperiodic inspection to our raw material suppliers, examining their quality control system and production capacity so as to assure quality stability of incoming materials.

When the raw materials arrive at our factory, OUPAI raw material quality inspectors and physicochemical inspectors will carry out inspection to the incoming raw materials based on technical standard, test procedure and plan. The inspection items include appearance, size, physical and chemical properties, and the method is available in complete inspection and sampling inspection. If the raw material in sampling inspection is unqualified, it will be subject to second inspection. If it is unqualified again, we will inform the suppliers and return materials to them.

Process Quality Control (PQC)
The process quality control is available in two ways, namely PQC and IPQC. We arrange a certain number of quality inspectors in every manufacture process, thus comprehensively grasping the quality control condition in every process. When the product can not reach the standard, the inspector will immediately find the reason and then correct it with production people. In addition, the inspector should do information record and feedback. Until the quality problem is stably controlled, production can be continued.

If the spot inspector and production worker can not accurately find the reason of quality defect, they will adopt early warning mechanism and inform the situation to quality manager and workshop technicians until the quality problem can be solved.

Final Quality Control (FQC)
The final quality control includes appearance and size inspection before packaging, sampling inspection to packaged products, sampling inspection to products in warehouse, customer complain handling and complain information record. In OUPAI, the quality assurance department will take complete charge of the final product quality control, avoiding delivery of unqualified products.