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Quality Assurance

OUPAI has been always following lean management mode, pursuing high quality, quick response and short delivery time. We have established complete product quality management system (QMS) and quality internal control mechanism as well as creative triple quality control system through raw materials to production process through to finished products.

OUPAI owns a sound and efficient quality management team composed of about 100 persons. This team is totally responsible for quality assurance, quality control, quality supervision and quality improvement. We have equipped us with advanced raw material and product quality test equipment as well as measuring and monitoring equipment and instruments so as to precisely test the quality and property of raw material and product, and stably control production process.

In addition, we are the first one in the wood door industry who creates supplier review and dynamic management system, quality evaluation and incentive system, quality analysis and improvement system, quality supervision system as well as quality control person training system. Furthermore, OUPAI is also the first in the industry to introduce advanced QMS at home and abroad. We have obtained the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, CMS, etc.