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Wood Door Application in Public Service Industry

OUPAI has established close partnership with many customers in the public service industry such as education, healthcare, administration, catering, etc. In public service, each industry such as school, hospital, government sector, restaurant, etc. has different requirements for wood doors. According to various industrial features and functions, OUPAI offer appropriate selection of wood doors for customers in public services.

Since school, hospital and restaurant have higher requirement for durability and fire resistance of wood doors, OUPAI employs the strictest test standard and adopts CPL titanium decoration panel imported from German, thus entirely improving the coefficient of durability. In addition, due to special fire retardant treatment, the duration of fire resistance of OUPAI wood doors is up to A-grade or higher.

According to the requirement of government livelihood project for environment protection, our wood doors employ E1 level environment friendly base materials and environment friendly adhesive. For the customer who needs the wood door with special purposes and glass, OUPAI provides titanium aluminum alloy door which feature robust structure and inlaid glass as well as all kinds of decorative styles.

In the wide product line of OUPAI wood doors, every customer can select and customize the most appropriate one they need. And, they can also select according different price levels. Therefore, whatever your need is, OUPAI can offer the optimal solutions.