Jiangshan OUPAI Door Industry Co., Ltd.
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OUPAI has a wealth of wood door manufacturing experience and carries out strict quality control to each process from product design, raw material selection to manufacturing technology, thus ensuring superior quality. In addition, OUPAI boasts a powerful design team which can customize a door according to your requirement.

OUPAI has broad sales network and service system that cover domestic and overseas markets. We have more than one thousand franchised stores around China. Our internal doors have been sold well to over 60 countries around the world. For many years, the export volume of OUPAI doors has been always ranking No.1 among same products in China.

Ever since our establishment, OUPAI has attended all kinds of large scale exhibitions at home and abroad for many times and implemented extensive communication with domestic and overseas specialist in this industry. Today, OUPAI has stepped onto the stage of world door industry relying on excellent strength and professional quality. It has obtained many certificates of honor in export. Due to stylish appearance, rich patterns and multiple styles, our wood doors have won great popularity among domestic and overseas users and project customers.