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Wood Door Application in Hotel Industry

In hotel industry, OUPAI enjoys great fame due to its powerful manufacture capacity, supply capability, diversified wood doors, superior product quality and unbeatable after-sales service. Over the years, OUPAI wood doors have been always popular among a large number of hotels at home and abroad.

OUPAI has developed a wide assortment of wood door range and related products according to different hotel grades and needs. In addition, with regard to the toilet, suite room, etc., OUPAI has developed doors with corresponding functions according to actual demands, fully achieving customization. Our wide variety of interior doors including solid door, solid wood door, paint free door, standard door, titanium aluminum alloy door, etc can meet various requirements of hotel clients more efficiently.

Whether it is grand and elegant European style starred hotel or luxury club with special oriental charm, or economically affordable chain hotel and apartment, OUPAI wood doors are the optimal choice. You can always find one which is suitable for your hotel style and grade.