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In May, 2004
OUPAI decorative material factory was established.

In July, 2004
We successfully manufactured the first set of OUPAI paint-free door, opening the glory of Jiangshan wood door industry.

In May, 2005
The first batch of wooden doors of OUPAI as well as of Jiangshan city was exported, leading Jiangshan wood door industry to international market.

In October, 2006
We got a large area industrial land of 3.4 hectares, of which 20 thousand square meters are used for establishing standard workshops.

In April, 2007
The innovative products i.e. EPC eco-friendly door and painted door were put into production, realizing product diversification.

In March, 2008
OUPAI was honored as one of the China wood door top 30 enterprises.

In September, 2008
OUPAI won CTC certificate for wood door health authorized by China building material test and authentication center.

In May, 2009
Newly added industrial land covering an area of 23.4 hectare was used for building OUPAI industrial park. The area for workshops was 220 thousand square meters, expectedly producing 30,000 sets of wood door per day.

In June, 2009
We obtained the patent for PVC door frame.

In February, 2010
We got design patents for our 16 products including OP-023, EPC-012, etc.

In March, 2010
The technology of PVC door with glass was recognized by a patent; OUPAI obtained CMS certificate.

In June, 2010
OUPAI got a patent for a technology of tongue-and-groove structure.

In June, 2010
The first stage construction of workshop in new industrial park covering an area of 85,000 square meters was completed and the second stage of 10,000 square meters was started.

In July, 2010
20 million RMB was invested to establish OUPAI wood door R&D center according to national level R&D center standard.

In September, 2010
We got design patent for 78 products including EPC-205, OPM-052, etc. and patent for sound proof and fire doors.

In November, 2010
The design patent for 4 OUPAI doors such as PS-040, OPM-096, etc. was authorized.

In March, 2011
Design patent for our OPT-009 product was obtained.

In February, 2012
OUPAI was honored as “AAA” grade credit enterprise by MOFCOM and China timber association.

In March, 2012
We established strategic partnership with real estate giants in China such as Uanda and Hengda.

In April, 2013
OUPAI completely started 5S management, taking a significant step forward modernized production and management.