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Cost Control

OUPAI has thoroughly enforced cost leadership strategy. To be specific, with the help of unbeatable scale advantage in domestic wood door industry, we can efficiently integrate wood door industrial chain, thus ensuring cost leadership.

The scale effect of full product line layout and ultra high daily production capacity of 4000 doors/24h allows OUPAI to enjoy high supply chain resource superiority. We only choose the well known suppliers in the world and make sure that their product is the best while the price is the most competitive. OUPAI has established long-term strategic partnerships with superior suppliers around the world such as Korean LG, German HOMAG, CARPOLY PAINT, Italian SCM, etc.

In addition, we will enforce overall evaluation to all kinds of index of our suppliers by unified standard. This includes the evaluation to quality, cost, delivery cycle, etc. Only the qualified suppliers after being evaluated can be accepted by OUPAI. And, we also establish advanced supplier management system to guarantee cost control, quality and supply cycle.

At the same time, OUPAI follows excellent project, carrying out comprehensive budget management system which involves four stages i.e. design, bid, construction and complete. Quality project management can make optimize purchase cost and use cost of customer projects.