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Comprehensive Budget Management

Currently, OUPAI has built a scientific and complete comprehensive budget management system. This system is divided into four phases, namely design proposal phase, tender and bid phase, construction phase and construction complete phase.

In design proposal phase, we will try our best to reduce material loss caused by design errors by means of design optimization; in tender and bid phase, strict standard for tendering and bidding will be used for reducing cost; in construction phase, we will enforce overall budget control; in construction complete phase, we can strengthen late cost optimization by differential analysis.

Design proposal phase: Through proposal evaluation and design optimization to reduce material loss and waste caused by design errors.

Tender and bid phase: A large volume of materials will be supplied by tendering and bidding, thus ensuring cost competitiveness

Construction phase: Control material budget from plan to purchase through to use

Construction complete phase: Do timely differential analysis between budget and actual expenditure and provide sufficient technical assurance for late cost control.