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Industry Applications
Wood Door Application in Real Estate Industry

As a necessity, door has become an indispensable part of all kinds of buildings and home decoration. Along with the continuous improvement of housing industrialization and industrial technology of wood door, each building in real estate industry has an increasing demand for wood doors. For various timber doors, what real estate enterprises concern the most are production cycle, delivery cycle, manufacture cost, quality, product process, product size, style, decoration time, etc.

Wood Door Application in Hotel Industry

OUPAI has developed a wide assortment of wood door range and related products according to different hotel grades and needs. In addition, with regard to the toilet, suite room, etc., OUPAI has developed doors with corresponding functions according to actual demands, fully achieving customization. Our wide variety of interior doors including solid door, solid wood door, paint free door, standard door, titanium aluminum alloy door, etc can meet various requirements of hotel clients more efficiently.

Wood Door Application in Public Service Industry

OUPAI has established close partnership with many customers in the public service industry such as education, healthcare, administration, catering, etc. In public service, each industry such as school, hospital, government sector, restaurant, etc. has different requirements for wood doors. According to various industrial features and functions, OUPAI offer appropriate selection of wood doors for customers in public services.