Jiangshan OUPAI Door Industry Co., Ltd.
Add.: Yudashan Village, Yutou Town, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. China
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Looking for Agents

Join OUPAI and Co-create Big Fortune with US!

In order to further enrich and perfect the construction of our global sales network and accelerate the construction of OUPAI licensing agents, we now sincerely invite all regional agents in the global market to join OUPAI.

Brand: OUPAI
Company: Jiangshan OUPAI Door Industry Co., Ltd
Objective: Regional agents around the world
a. have sales experience and related expertise in building material industry.
b. have enough working capital.
c. have sales network and resources

If you want to be a agent of OUPAI interior doors, please contact us as soon as possible!