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Our Advantages

1. The Largest Wood Door Enterprise in China

33.4 Hectare production base, the largest production scale in China
OUPAI is proud of a modern production base with an area of 33.4 hectare which is leading in domestic wooden door industry. Of which, the YOUTOU industrial zone covers 23.4 hectare, possessing 7 modern workshops and the first specialized R&D center in the industry which are ideal for the big customers; the QINGHU industrial zone covers 10 hectare and owns 5 modern workshops, which is mainly the production base of retail doors in domestic market.

More than 600 styles, the most complete product line in China
OUPAI now owns the most complete product line of wood doors in China. Our products include solid wood door, solid core composite door, painted door, normal PVC door, paint-free door, titanium aluminum alloy door, etc. the product patterns are more than 600. From character to fashion and from elegance to luxury, OUPAI timber door will provide the most appropriate choice for you.

Tens of thousands doors per day, the strongest production capacity in China
OUPAI has two production bases which boast a large production capacity of tens of thousands days per day. Such production capacity ranks top in China. Our workshops are all equipped with the first-class automatic production line and top production equipment and high precision test equipment introduced from world first class suppliers such as German HOMAG, CEFLA, etc., not only ensuring quality and processing accuracy, but also increasing production capacity more effectively and reducing machining and delivery cycle.

2. Exported to over 60 Countries and Regions, Ranking No.1 in Our Counterparts in China
In recent years, OUPAI wood door has won great popularity among not only domestic customers but also overseas customers. Thanks to excellent quality, rich patterns, diversified styles and various prices, our products can efficiently meet different demands of overseas customers and have become the preferred choice for them. Today, our wooden doors, PVC doors, composite doors, etc have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa, etc. Our export volume has ranked No.1 in our counterparts in China for many years.

3. Top Tip Digital Equipment in the World
OUPAI has introduced a large amount of top tip manufacturing equipment such as CNC saw from German HOLZMA, door casing laminator from Spain, door casing sander from Italian MAKOR, double-end milling machine, straight edge bonding machine and sliding table saw from Germany, etc. Such equipment can effectively ensure machining precision and product quality. In addition, we also bring in advanced production line from German HOMAG, CEFLA, etc. which can considerably improve production capacity and reduce delivery cycle.