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20 Million Investment for World-Leading Wood Door R&D Center

Since its foundation in 2004, OUPAI has always pursued continuous innovation and excellence. It has invested 20 million RMB for creating the world-leading wood door R&D center. Hundreds of designers and market investigators will hold in time the global home furnishing trend and fashion theme.

In the R&D center, we completely adopt CAD design. We have introduced CAD/CAM technologies and three-coordinated measuring technology. And we implement simulation analysis and structure optimization by 3D software. In addition, we carry out design verification by rapid prototyping technology, thus improving design efficiency and ensuring high quality.

Additionally, our wood door R&D center has brought in project management concept and set up a specialized project customer R&D team using project group management method and simultaneous engineering technology. This team will participate in investigation of customer demands and provide solutions for project customers.