Doors by Process

    1. Paint-Free DoorThe paint-free door, also called PVC door, is a wood door with PVC coating instead of painting. This internal PVC door can withstand impact and does not combust spontaneously. Plus, it has outstanding resistance to damage by worms, moisture and corrosion and is non-toxic, odorless and pollution free. In addition, this home furnishing is easily maintained.
    1. Painted DoorOUPAI offers a wide assortment of painted doors on which you can paint all kinds of colors as you like to conform to the color of your interior decoration. No matter what colors you prefer, red, blue or white, our painted wood door makes it happen. OUPAI painted door is divided into solid wood door and solid core composite door. Whatever type it is, our interior door comes with three main features: easy installation, easy maintenance and environment friendliness.

According to different processes, OUPAI wood doors can be divided into paint-free doors and painted doors. The paint-free door, called PVC door, is available in normal and high end options. This type of internal door needs no paint but a PVC finish material which is superior over the painted door in some aspects such as sound insulation, water resistance, deformation resistance, etc.

The painted door namely solid wood door and solid core composite door, however, presents outstanding elegance and eco-friendliness. It is perfect for high end home furnishing, improving the comprehensive taste of your home.