Painted Door

    1. Solid Wood DoorThrough strict process as well as exquisite engraving work, the best-in-class timber will be made into a classical door, gracing your home naturally and elegantly. This solid wooden door is not only the best choice for high end home furnishing but also a perfect product for collection.
    1. Solid Core Composite DoorOUPAI offers a fine selection of solid core composite doors, manufactured to a very high quality and specifications. This internal door comes with exquisite hand carving with various designs of embossment and top painting technology in the world. It lasts incomparable classics while embodying great originality.

OUPAI offers a wide assortment of painted doors on which you can paint all kinds of colors as you like to conform to the color of your interior decoration. No matter what colors you prefer, red, blue or white, our painted wood door makes it happen. OUPAI painted door is divided into solid wood door and solid core composite door. Whatever type it is, our interior door comes with three main features: easy installation, easy maintenance and environment friendliness.