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Solid Core Composite Door

OUPAI offers a fine selection of solid core composite doors, manufactured to a very high quality and specifications. This internal door comes with exquisite hand carving with various designs of embossment and top painting technology in the world. It lasts incomparable classics while embodying great originality.

Features of Solid Core Composite Door

1. Best-in-class Timber and E1 Level Environment Friendliness
In order to ensure high quality from the source, OUPAI materials purchasers have devoted themselves to the selection of best-in-class timber from forest to rare tree through to tree age and tree trunk. The selected timber, however, can not be directly used as base material for the veneer door unless it has been selected again and machined through multiple processes and technologies. And the base material is strictly compliance with the national E1 level standard for environmental protection.

2. Top Technology Generates Perfect Quality
OUPAI boasts the first class technologies in wood door manufacturing that allow our solid core composite door to have firmer structure and more striking look. Mechanical filling frame like aperture of bridge from Germany enables this residential door to be perfectly sound and deformation resistant and adapt greatly to environment change.

Due to world first class painting technology, surface of this hinged door is more delicate, more resistant to scratch and more outstanding than other doors. Additionally, every OUPAI solid core composite door has been strictly tested through 57 processes, thus ensuring definitely high quality.

OUPAI has been working with interior doors for more than 10 years. Currently, our wide range of normal PVC door, high-end PVC door, solid wood door and solid core composite door, etc. can meet all kinds of demands for home decoration. Furthermore, a powerful design team plus a high production capacity of 4000 sets/24h can be always with you, offering bespoke services to you.

  • OPD-101
  • OPD-102
  • OPD-103
  • OPD-104
  • OPD-201
  • OPD-202
  • OPJ-101
  • OPJ-102
  • OPJ-103
  • OPJ-104
  • OPJ-105
  • OPJ-106
  • OPJ-107
  • OPJ-108
  • OPJ-109
  • OPJ-110
  • OPJ-121
  • OPJ-122
  • OPJ-123
  • OPJ-124
  • OPJ-125
  • OPJ-126
  • OPJ-201
  • OPJ-202
  • OPJ-203
  • OPJ-204
  • OPJ-205
  • OPJ-206
  • OPJ-208
  • OPJ-212
  • OPJ-213
  • OPJ-214
  • OPJ-215
  • OPJ-216
  • OPJ-217
  • OPJ-221
  • OPJ-222
  • OPJ-223
  • OPS-013-B
  • OPS-018
  • OPS-022
  • OPS-068
  • OPS-073
  • OPS-107
  • OPS-115
  • OPS-119
  • OPS-131
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