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Solid Wood Door

Create your own decor with the elegance and quality from our wide range of LAFITE series solid wood doors manufactured in China by OUPAI. This painted door is made of superior timber selected from rare tree species in the world and present excellent quality through multiple machining processes.

Relying on high quality timber, OUPAI solid door will last classics in extremely delicate processing and creates elegant and high end living environment. In addition, OUPAI solid wood door comes in natural wood grain and gloss. Exquisite engraving work ensures striking look. Apart from outstanding resistance to huge deformation and corrosion, it is available with thermal insulation. The production capacity for this interior door is up to 200 sets per 24 hours.

Features of OUPAI Solid Wood Door

1. Superior Timber, Perfect for Collection
From Amazon rain forest to Southern Asian jungle, OUPAI, like a geologist, has left footprint in old-growth forests around the world, just for selecting the most superior timber. Through strict process as well as exquisite engraving work, the best-in-class timber will be made into a classical door, gracing your home naturally and elegantly. This solid wooden door is not only the best choice for high end home furnishing but also a perfect product for collection.

2. Eco-friendliness, Healthy Life
OUPAI solid wood door employs eco-friendly timber that complies with China E1 level environmental protection standard and high-grade environment friendly PU paint. The internal timber door has obtained CTC certificate for wood door and can create real healthy living environment for you.

3. Exquisite Craftsmanship, External Work of Art
Exquisite hand work and engraving technology are what OUPIA is always proud of. And we are also proud of our skilled engravers who have delivered their exquisite handicraft and mind into each engraving, producing eternal work of art. Therefore, OUPAI solid wood door is not only the optimal choice of high end home furnishing but also a work of art of human civilization.

  • OPYB-001
  • OPYB-002
  • OPYB-003
  • OPYB-004
  • OPYB-005
  • OPYB-006
  • OPYB-008
  • OPYB-009
  • OPYB-010
  • OPYB-011
  • OPYB-012
  • OPYB-013
  • OPYB-014
  • OPYB-015
  • OPYB-016
  • OPYB-017
  • OPYB-018
  • OPYB-019
  • OPYB-020
  • OPYB-021
  • OPYB-022
  • OPYB-023
  • OPYB-025
  • OPYB-026
  • OPYB-027
  • OPYB-028
  • OPYB-029
  • OPYB-030
  • OPYB-031
  • OPYB-032
  • OPYB-033
  • OPYB-034
  • OPYB-035
  • OPYB-036
  • OPYB-037
  • OPYB-038
  • OPYB-039
  • OPYB-041
  • OPYB-042
  • OPYB-043
  • OPYB-045
  • OPYB-046
  • OPYB-047
  • OPYB-048
  • OPYB-049
  • OPYB-050
  • OPYB-051
  • OPYB-052
  • OPYB-053
  • OPYB-060
  • OPYB-061
  • OPYB-062
  • OPYB-063
  • OPYB-064
  • OPYB-065
  • OPYB-066
  • OPYB-067
  • OPYB-068
  • OPYB-069
  • OPYB-070
  • OPYB-071
  • OPYB-072
  • OPYB-073
  • OPYB-074
  • OPYB-075
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