Paint-Free Door

    1. Normal PVC DoorIt has achieved standardized production with standard size and standard installation method. Thanks to unified size and materials, manual measurement can be omitted, thus completely avoiding inaccurate measurement and unstable quality.
    1. High-End PVC DoorIf you are looking for a high-end PVC door, you’ve come to the right place. OUPAI is a specialist manufacturer of internal doors in China with over 10 years experience in this industry and manufactures all kinds of high-end PVC doors. The production capacity for this paint-free door has reached 1000sets/24hours.

The paint-free door, also called PVC door, is a wood door with PVC coating instead of painting. This internal PVC door can withstand impact and does not combust spontaneously. Plus, it has outstanding resistance to damage by worms, moisture and corrosion and is non-toxic, odorless and pollution free. In addition, this home furnishing is easily maintained.

OUPAI paint-free door can be divided into normal PVC door and high end PVC door. Superior raw material, superb technology and special design style make this door a preferred choice for customers.