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Modern Eco-Friendly Door

The modern eco-friendly door (OPH series) is a new type paint-free door developed by OUPAI in 2014. It is a high-end PVC door with more complicated technology and more exquisite material selection than other PVC doors. Apart from elegant wood grain with special color, this eco-friendly interior door has excellent resistance to skid, mould, corrosion, abrasion, scratch, ageing, etc. And, it does not fade and remains looking new throughout the life of your door.

OUPAI modern eco-friendly door is typically manufactured through over 50 processes and each process is compliance with strict technological standard. Thismaintenance free door is assembled by tenons, supplemented by mechanical joint with 0.1mm precision, thus ensuring excellent durability.

  • OPH-101
  • OPH-102
  • OPH-103
  • OPH-104
  • OPH-105
  • OPH-106
  • OPH-107
  • OPH-108
  • OPH-109
  • OPH-110
  • OPH-111
  • OPH-112
  • OPH-113
  • OPH-201
  • OPH-202
  • OPH-203
  • OPH-204
  • OPH-301
  • OPH-302
  • OPH-303
  • OPH-304
  • OPH-305
  • OPH-306
  • OPH-307
  • OPH-308
  • OPH-309
  • OPH-310
  • OPH-311
  • OPH-312
  • OPH-313
  • OPH-314
  • OPH-315
  • OPH-316
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