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HOME LOVE Series Wood Door

A Revolution for Standardization in Wood Door Industry Begins from OUPAI HOME LOVE

The HOME LOVE series wood door by OUPAI has realized standardized production. And, its size and installation method are also standardized. Due to unified size and materials, manual measurement for this paint free door is completely unnecessary, thus thoroughly solving some hidden troubles such as measurement inaccuracy, quality instability, etc.

Additionally, the standardwood flush door can be stored in warehouse, hence considerably reducing delivery time. This will get rid of the inherent disadvantage of long delivery cycle of traditional wood doors and thereby has no influence on decoration schedule.

Features of HOME LOVE Series Wood Door

Standardized Production, No Customization
The size of door leaf has been standardized. Door frame comes with two-in-one design. The main frame is a standardized product. Assistant frame and decorative mouldings are used for adjusting the door frame to match wall width.

In addition, the main frame is connected through 45° grooves. If size is not uniform, polystyrene foam can be used to fill and firm it. Therefore, easy and quick installation can be ensured. Due to standardized production, there is no need to customize.

Environment Friendliness
This type of wood door is manufactured in a top level production line introduced from German HOMAG. E1 level environment friendly base material and environment friendly PVC profiles assure this PVC door of great eco-friendliness.

Composite panel with PVC edge bonding around that is free from gap caused by traditional swallow tail edge bonding makes OUPAI HOME LOVE more environment friendly, more sound proof and resistant to moisture and water.

Immediate Delivery
Due to standardized production, this wood door can be stored in warehouse, which can greatly reduce delivery cycle. If ordered, we can do delivery immediately, thus saving much time and labor and accelerating home decorating. Furthermore, batch production can completely lower manufacturing cost.

  • OPL-001
  • OPL-002
  • OPL-003
  • OPL-004
  • OPL-005
  • OPL-006
  • OPL-007
  • OPL-008
  • OPL-009
  • OPL-011
  • OPL-012
  • OPL-013
  • OPL-014
  • OPL-015
  • OPL-016
  • OPL-017
  • OPL-018
  • OPL-019
  • OPL-020
  • OPL-021
  • OPL-022
  • OPL-023
  • OPL-025
  • OPL-026
  • OPL-027
  • OPL-030
  • OPL-032
  • OPL-033
  • OPL-034
  • OPL-035
  • OPL-036
  • OPL-039
  • OPL-041
  • OPL-043
  • OPL-044
  • OPL-047
  • OPL-048
  • OPL-049
  • OPL-051
  • OPL-054
  • OPL-055
  • OPL-056
  • OPL-057
  • OPL-058
  • OPL-059
  • OPL-060
  • OPL-062
  • OPL-063
  • OPL-067
  • OPL-068
  • OPL-069
  • OPL-071
  • OPL-073
  • OPL-074
  • OPL-075
  • OPL-076
  • OPL-080
  • OPL-081
  • OPL-082
  • OPL-083
  • OPL-084
  • OPL-086
  • OPL-087
  • OPL-088
  • OPL-089
  • OPL-091
  • OPL-092
  • OPL-093
  • OPL-094
  • OPL-095
  • OPL-096
  • OPL-097
  • OPL-098
  • OPL-099
  • OPL-100
  • OPL-102
  • OPL-103
  • OPL-115
  • OPL-116
  • OPL-117
  • OPL-118
  • OPL-119
  • OPL-120
  • OPL-121
  • OPL-122
  • OPL-123
  • OPL-127
  • OPL-128
  • OPL-129
  • OPL-131
  • OPL-132
  • OPL-133
  • OPL-134
  • OPL-135
  • OPL-136
  • OPL-137
  • OPL-138
  • OPL-139
  • OPL-141
  • OPL-142
  • OPL-144
  • OPL-146
  • OPL-149
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