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JANE Series Composite Door

Our JANE series composite door, taking minimalism as its main style, is a high end solid wood panel door manufactured by OUPAI using the latest automatic machining technology in the world. A feel of solid wood and compact line makes this simple style door really natural and unaffectedly pure.

Advantages of JANE Series Composite Door

1. Advanced Equipment Ensures Short Delivery Cycle
OUPAI is the first timber door manufacturer in China introducing fully automatic CNC production line. From core material machining to final door forming, we now can carry out modular production to door casings, panels and frames. Unique U type production line layout plus advanced production management method help us break through the hand machining bottle neck of traditional wood doors.

OUPAI now possesses the tiptop production equipment introduced from Germany, which enables the delivery circle of our JANE series composite door to be reduced by 2/3 as compared with ordinary wood door.

2. Sophisticated Technology Creates Remarkable Quality
Unique multi-cut carving and milling technology, stable strip-type filling material, all-in-one veneer board, environment friendly and sound proof PE seal strip, 57-channel strict processes and best-in-class architrave technologies create sturdy and endurable properties as well as fashionable and beautiful appearance for OUPAI JANE series interior wooden door.

  • OPJ-101
  • OPJ-102
  • OPJ-103
  • OPJ-107
  • OPJ-108
  • OPJ-109
  • OPJ-110
  • OPJ-123
  • OPJ-124
  • OPJ-125
  • OPJ-126
  • OPJ-201
  • OPJ-202
  • OPJ-203
  • OPJ-205
  • OPJ-212
  • OPJ-213
  • OPJ-214
  • OPJ-215
  • OPJ-216
  • OPJ-217
  • OPJ-221
  • OPJ-222
  • OPJ-223
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