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GLORY Series Composite Door

Composite doors are becoming the preferred choice of internal doors for many people due to the huge advantages they have over other types of doors. OUPAI offers a fine selection of solid core composite doors, manufactured to a very high quality and specifications. The GLORY series composite door comes with delicate hand carving with numerous designs on woodwork and top painting technology in the world, embodying great originality while inheriting incomparable classics.

Features of GLORY Series Composite Door

Superior Timber, Complying With E1 Standard for Environmental Protection
Material purchasers of OUPAI have devoted themselves to the selection of superior timber by the most responsible attitude and dedicated attention, thus ensuring high quality product from the source. In addition, the selected timber can not become base material for the residential door unless it has been selected again by OUPAI workers and processed through multiple processes and technologies. Finally, the base material will strictly comply with the national E1 level standard for environmental protection.

Top-level Technology, Generating Perfect Quality
Specialized assembly technologies such as "integral processing line", "epsilon type door casing" assures our GLORY series composite door of firmer structure and more elegant appearance. Mechanical filling frame like aperture of bridge can effectively insulate sound and make it excellently resistant to deformation.

World class piano lacquer allows surface of this high end wood door GLORY to be more delicate and scratch resistant, showing higher taste and level. Additionally, every GLORY series composite door has been strictly tested by 57 channel processes, thus ensuring definitely high quality.

Unbeatable Craftsmanship, Embodying Glorious Culture
Through exquisite and delicate engraving, OUPAI GLORY composite door becomes an outstanding work of art. Wisdom, mind and skill are manually blended by engravers into every score, sufficiently demonstrating superb honor and glory of our wood doors. Under the background of natural wood grain, diversified carve patterns of European styles and Chinese classical styles will present more value, primitive simplicity and elegance.

  • PS-012
  • PS-013
  • PS-018
  • PS-019
  • PS-022
  • PS-023
  • PS-029
  • PS-030
  • PS-031
  • PS-039
  • PS-041
  • OPS-042
  • PS-045
  • PS-046
  • PS-047
  • PS-055
  • PS-056
  • PS-057
  • PS-058
  • PS-059
  • PS-060
  • PS-061
  • PS-063
  • PS-064
  • PS-065
  • PS-066
  • PS-067
  • PS-068
  • PS-069
  • PS-070
  • PS-071
  • PS-072
  • PS-102
  • PS-103
  • PS-107
  • PS-115
  • PS-116
  • PS-118
  • PS-119
  • PS-120
  • PS-121
  • PS-122
  • PS-123
  • PS-125
  • PS-126
  • PS-127
  • PS-128
  • PS-129
  • PS-130
  • PS-131
  • PS-132
  • PS-138
  • PS-139
  • PS-140
  • PS-141
  • PS-142
  • PS-143
  • PS-144
  • PS-201
  • PS-202
  • PS-203
  • PS-204
  • PS-205
  • PS-206
  • PS-207
  • PS-208
  • PS-209
  • PS-210
  • PS-211
  • PS-212
  • PS-213
  • PS-214
  • PS-215
  • PS-216
  • PS-217
  • PS-218
  • PS-219
  • PS-220
  • PS-221
  • PS-222
  • PS-223
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